• Rose Blanche 50ml Eau de Parfum

    • rose blanche 2015
      rose blanche pub
    • £60.00

      Natural femininity created by Sharini for this light, fresh and extremely sensual perfume. Using an astonishing 400 white roses in each bottle, Rose blanche opens with delightful lime and pink pepper top notes.

      The soliflore white rose note then blossoms and reigns supreme, supported by a delicate yet robust woody base of iris, cabrueva, cederwood and gurjan. A truly refined scent containing more genuine rose oil than any other perfume on the market.

      Our Rose blanche contains: lime, bergamot, pink pepper, grapefruit, WHITE ROSE, damask rose, palmarosa, iris, cabrueva, benzoin, cedar wood & gurjan.

      Each batch of perfume created needs to macerate for a minimum of 9 months, before we are able to bottle and sell. They really are LIVING PERFUMERY, as they grow, develop and mature to create our absolutely stunning fragrances!

      Our Rose blanche perfume is 96.3% organic.

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