• Rose and White Infusion Tea

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    • £3.00

      These gorgeous and delicious hand blended herbal teas are wonderfully soothing, calming and high in anti oxidants.

      Our beautiful White Tea and Rose is a combination of silver needle; the most revered of Chinese Tea, and organic Bulgarian rose buttons. White tea is the least processed tea (compared to green and black) and has the highest levels of antioxidants. It has so many wonderful properties, that it should be included in everyone’s daily lives! It has profound power against cancer-causing cells, it can help to thin blood and improve artery function, help to lower high blood pressure, and it helps to increase the good cholesterol while decreasing the bad one! All of this mixed with the wonderful detoxifying properties of the rose, makes this a must have for everyone!

      Rose is a wonderfully soft tea, that not only detoxes your body, but also helps blood circulation, relieves pain and helps to cure gastro disorders.

      Each box contains 10 hand blended tea bags.

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