• Mandarin, Lime & Patchouli Natural Incense

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      For thousands of years, the lighting and burning of incense has been a part of almost every culture and walk of life. No act is more universal than the inspiring practice of inhaling fragrant scents from quality incense, be it for rituals, prayers, meditation or pure enjoyment.

      Our beautiful hand dipped incense sticks are made in the traditional fashion using only the finest essential oils and organic corn alcohol, creating an evocative and alluring natural fragrance that is free from chemicals, synthetics, and petroleum by-products that often have negative impacts on our health and harmony.

      The beautiful combination of the light and fresh citrus notes combines perfectly with the rich, exotic, and spicy, aroma of patchouli. A heady fragrance to enjoy.

      Each package contains 30 incense sticks.

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